The Re-Birth of Event Marketing

The Re-Birth of Event Marketing

JK Sparks 2 min

The Re-Birth of Event Marketing

By: JK Sparks


2023 was the death of “growth at all costs” and the birth of “efficient growth.”


While you may be tired of hearing “efficient growth” as a marketer, it’s still the prevailing mantra of the board, investors, and executives.


But, how do you actually achieve efficient growth, especially with leaner teams and leaner budgets?


There is one channel that I have seen grow in efficiency and efficacy. Events.


While I’ve always believed in the power of events throughout my career I’ve seen them work more than ever the past two years. And I have data to prove it - straight from AudiencePlus.


At AudiencePlus, we measure top of funnel marketing via the Qualified Subscriber.


Qualified Subscriber (QS) - a subscriber who meets our ICP and persona requirements AND has a certain level of engagement with our brand. Someone who could (and should) turn into a commercial conversation and eventually a good fit customer.


Much more coming soon around the QS and how you can implement this stage into your own marketing strategy.


I recently did a deep dive on our opportunities - Open, Closed Won, and Closed Lost. I found that 45% of our qualified subscribers, and more than 1/3 of closed won revenue had been created through our Events motion.


And we view Events as a critical part of an effective (and efficient) Owned Media strategy. But we’re not talking about booth sponsorships or badge scans.


What I mean when I say events are the following:

  • In-person. Hosting a “micro” in-person event in tandem with another event can work wonders on your pipeline without breaking the bank. We did this with the Efficient Growth Tour last year.

  • Virtual. Hosting virtual only experiences that bring your audience together around an interested or relevant theme.

  • Exclusives. Traditionally, you might call these a webinar, but that’s kind of a bad word now. Webinars were hijacked from value-driven to product pitches. Instead pivot yours to a value add for your audience. e.g. Bring on industry experts who are well respected within your audience and have a live conversation. (Examples here and here)

This is a huge part of why we’re investing in Goldenhour in less than a month in Brooklyn, NY. An industry conference that brings the best in marketing together for a full day of inspiration, learning, and community. Don’t miss your chance to register now for 20% off - spots are selling out quick.


I encourage you to continue investing in multiple channels. Just like in personal wealth where multiple streams of income is critical. In marketing you must have multiple channels to bring in opportunities for the business. However, if you’re not thinking of Events as a critical part of your strategy, you should reconsider. There is a re-birth of event marketing and I’m personally really excited about it.

JK Sparks 2 min

The Re-Birth of Event Marketing

"Do less with more" is the new "growth at all costs." And when most people think of events, they think of overpriced booths, badge scans, and no outcomes. But our data is showing something different. Does doing more with less mean a re-birth for event marketing? JK Sparks tells us why he says, "yes."

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