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Creating original content franchises to captivate their audience.

Behind the clever puppet videos and ESPN-esque breakdown shows is a case study in the making for audience building, engagement, and monetization that is giving the rest of the SaaS industry a window into the future of marketing.

Crossbeam Insider 
Using exclusive content to spark a category movement.

Crossbeam Insider provides curated and subscriber-exclusive content. By evolving their traditional resource center into the ‘Netflix for ecosystem-led growth’, Insider keeps their community coming back, ensuring sustained audience growth and high levels of engagement.

Going all in on audience-based marketing.

The New ABM is all about your audience. Zuora has transitioned their marketing team to think like TV showrunners and are focused on building, growing, and monetizing an engaged audience with original content that educates and entertains.

Pulse Library
The ‘Netflix for Customer Success’

Over the past decade, Gainsight has built significant brand equity in the Pulse programs through a robust portfolio of content and events. With the introduction of Library, this equity is being channeled into a media brand that caters to a broadening spectrum of personas. By captivating these diverse audiences with original content and exclusive experiences, a durable revenue stream is being generated.

SX Live Library
Transforming an event franchise into a media brand.

The approach taken by SupportLogic is noteworthy. Skillfully harnessing the traditional "event recap" strategy with session content coupled with the creation of exclusive subscriber-only content. This method not only fosters audience loyalty but also stimulates engagement and content consumption.

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