Unlock proprietary first-party intent data signals that connect audience engagement to revenue.

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Your team spends endless energy and budget producing podcasts and videos to publish on YouTube, only to be left with an anonymous number of views to report back. With Audience Analytics, you can become your own YouTube and access actual engagement data around your audience - unmasked at the individual subscriber and account level.

Web analytics are not enough


Reveal WHO engages with WHAT content at the individual subscriber and account levels.

Generating pipeline from content.


Improve web conversions by driving your audience into owned subscribers, Configure an engagement score to look for signals of buying intent across all audience engagement.

Personalizing content experience.


Use first-party subscriber data to personalize how content is displayed on your media property.

Why choose AudiencePlus Audience Analytics?

Access the Data
You’ve Been Missing

Audience Analytics gives you the same level of data granularity that YouTube and Netflix has on all of us. Today this data is buried in anonymous aggregates in web analytics and content networks. With first-party audience data from AudiencePlus, you’re in control of your content engine.

Built for Marketers, by Marketers

AudiencePlus is not an academic project – but rather a platform that was born out of real pain for marketers and incubated at some of the leading SaaS companies in the industry. We understand your challenges and are building software to address them.

Integrates with Your Existing Systems

AudiencePlus Media CMS is built with integrations in mind, starting with marketing automation platforms (ie. Hubspot), data providers (ie. ZoomInfo), and CRM platforms (ie. Salesforce). Our technical bias is to make AudiencePlus interoperable with your martech stack.

How does it work?

Audience View
Reveal which subscribers engaged with which content assets on your network at the individual and account levels.
Content Performance
Let the MarkOps team worry about Google Analytics – we’ll give you the content-level data you need right where you’re working.
Explore a detailed profile for each subscriber and account in your audience, understanding their content consumption and engagement behavior.
Monitor your audience engagement data in real-time with built-in reporting interfaces.
Content Recommendation*
Leverage our built-in machine learning algorithm to create a collection of content optimized for engagement for each individual subscriber. It’s like for-you-page (FYP) for your audience.
Engagement Score*
Help separate signal from the noise with a rules-driven scorecard that recognizes buying intent. Combine true signals of engagement with traditional demographic and behavioral lead scoring so you never get a false positive again.
CRM Integration*
Integrate with your CRM to directly tie audience engagement data in AudiencePlus to pipeline generation and revenue outcomes.

*coming later this year
Data Enrichment Integration*
Integrate with enrichment data providers to create a complete picture of your audience across demographic, firmographic, and behavioral indicators.

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